Rank Username BMI Weight ups and downs Weight / Height Duel
60 Nta1988 25,00 (antes 136.69) 141.1 p / 160cm
61 Pilarbueno72@yahoo.es 25,01 74.0 p / 172cm
62 Nenúfar 25,08 (antes 143.3) 141.54 p / 160cm
63 paula2017 25,08 65.0 p / 161cm
64 Motvikey 25,16 (antes 180.12) 177.69 p / 179cm
65 evads 25,18 (antes 147.71) 147.49 p / 163cm
66 eugenia24 25,17 (antes 150.36) 149.25 p / 164cm
67 Navy 25,26 73.0 p / 170cm
68 pazpacita 25,26 73.0 p / 170cm
69 natividadb 25,33 (antes 175.49) 167.11 p / 173cm
70 Carmele 25,35 (antes 156.09) 155.87 p / 167cm
71 miss_dorothy 25,39 65.0 p / 160cm
72 lourdeslll 25,44 (antes 153.88) 149.03 p / 163cm
73 El-ena17 25,46 71.0 p / 167cm
74 bleimar 25,51 72.0 p / 168cm
75 Bokk 25,51 (antes 154.32) 158.73 p / 168cm
76 Ntll 25,69 159.84 p / 168cm
77 arquish 25,80 (antes 175.05) 174.17 p / 175cm
78 sofiara92 25,81 62.0 p / 155cm
79 raul 25,83 194.89 p / 185cm
1 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220
They already deleted their comments, 'amigos' go lose duels somewhere else XD mikenewz
Guys, leave the English lang forum alone, there is a Spanish forum for something... mike9001
Thanks god I am starting to win ground :) mike9001
You are welcome jona... I just challenged you, don't you dare reject it! lol mike9001
Here I am for Christmas... brace yourselves! jona34
MNJohn congrats on your weight loss, I hope to get a couple of pounds off for Christmas :) mikenewz
XD mike nice to see you again... cool to have another mike in the game ;) mikenewz
Coming back from the death mike9001
martha... I can not believe you are already that low... amazing :) mikenewz
I am taking good note of that marthax... give us a couple of weeks to program it ^-^ admin_us
Admin it would be great to have stats for the food comparing game... maybe even some trophies :D marthax
Welcome MNJohn, a fellow from CA, good to see you :) marthax
uah... leading the league... I can not believe it :D marthax
Welcome back joselin, wakoman request whatever you want here and the admin will reply when he sees it :). mikenewz
coming back from the lost island! lol joselin
I would love to see the measurements of the foods being stored on balancek, so I see them everytime I check a food. wakoman
Well, finally starting to really lose some weight ^-^ marthax
This week I am finally starting to lose some pounds... what a shitty year so far :( mikenewz
Kassandra if you want to show your weight in the league you have to enable a checkbox in the 'weight and more' button to the right :) mikenewz
goodluck to you all kassandra023
Mike is a nutrition expert but he works in Auckland so it is somehow diffcult to reach, lol. marthax
Mike I love the way you rate calories... are you professional or what? lover67
Welcome foxy, you better take care because I am going all the way down to 162 before summer! mikenewz
Ok, let's find out who has more guts in here! foxy78
looks like a really tough for me!, anyone in for a duel? lover67
Happy to be part of it martha, let's show them the love :D mikenewz
Ok, let's give it a try marthax