angus mushroom & swiss snack wrap
arroz blanco x 1 plato
big mac
calzone with cheese and beef x 1 large
camarones al vapor
chai shake with coffee jellie
chicken with tomato and garlic x 250gr
cici's cheese pizza x 1 slice
dempsters 12 grain whole grain crust x 1 slice
elephant ear with chocolate x 1 big
french fries small burger king
fried chicken hamburger and croquettes
ground turkey taco
homemade chips x 1
huevo x 1 revuelto cebolla y tomate
huevo x 1 revuelto con tomate y cebolla
miniature marshmallow x 1
Mocha Frappuccino
pancake x 3mm thic 8 inch diam
peeled cucumber x 1
pork burger patty x 1
quarter pounder with cheese mcdonals
ranch x 1 tablespoon
raw almond x 1
raw pecan x 1
ritz cracker x 1
tenderloin with tomatoes x 2 pieces
triple chocolate cookie x 1
turkey breast x 1 piece
yogurt natural activia